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It is believed that Tito was born in the small beach village of Todos Santos, on Mexico’s Baja peninsula - or maybe it was just outside of Haleiwa, on the North Shore of Oahu.

Then again, it might have been the town of Balboa, on the Pacific coast of Panama.

Truth is, no one’s quite sure where he’s from! Whenever he’s asked, Tito simply leansback, scratches his chin & replies (in his own language that we call “Tito-Speak”), “I come from da beach, brah. No matter where I am, I’m always at da beach!” 

Spoken like a true hedonist. It’s that love for the hedonistic beach lifestyle & good times that’s at the heart & soul of Tito’s Burritos & Wings.

At Tito’s Burritos & Wings, our slogan is, “It’s all 

good,” & that motto applies to the whole philosophy we built our business on.
In other words, we are 100% committed to giving our customers nothing but goodness; the tastiest food, prepared & served in a casual & easy-going manner, always at a good value. 

We use only the freshest ingredients in everything we prepare, every order is custom-made the way that YOU want it. It might take a few minutes longer, but we’ll make sure it’s worth the wait.

If you’re eating here, kick back & enjoy the music or watch our “wish I was there” TitoVision TV, always tuned to “da beach.”

It is our wish that you enjoy everything that Tito’s Burritos & Wings has to offer, & that you leave with an “It’s all good!” feeling. 

PS: You might see Tito around the shop every once in a while, but sightings are indeed rare. After all, you can’t be a true hedonist & a workaholic at the same time!

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“Tito-Speak” is a unique language that Tito himself has cultivated through his many travels & travails. It is an odd mishmash of words, largely consisting of the colloquialisms used by surfers, along with a bit of Spanish, & also the Hawaiian slang known as “Pidgin.” You may know many of these words & phrases, but you probably don’t know ‘em all, since Tito likes to make up words up as he goes along! 

aloha: aloha. ‘nuff said!

amped: energized; excited; charged up. “It’s on!”

ate it: an especially gnarly wipeout. “Ouch! He really ate it on that run.”

bail: jump off your skate/surfboard; leave. “Dude, I’ve eaten my fill of tacos. 

Time to bail.”

Barney/Betty: a guy/a girl.

beater: an old, well-used (loved) surf/skate/snow vehicle that barely passes inspection, but gets you to your destination every time.

bent: a poorly or badly executed (& often painful) ending to a great ride. “If you’re not careful, you’re gonna get really bent.”

blue bird: a day that is perfectly blue, not a cloud in the sky.

bro: brother; buddy or friend, also known as brah, bruddah & for those who are really fluent Tito-Speakers, “braddah.”

bro down: a big dude-filled party. “That party night was a full-on bro down!”

brok da mout: broke the mouth; totally delicious. “Last night I had some fresh tuna that brok da mout!”

chillax: chill out; kick back; relax.

corduroy: perfectly groomed snow or a well-organized surf swell.

da kine: “the kind”; the ultimate; the best. “Hey brah, these fish tacos are da kine!”

dawnie: an early riser. “That dude is such a dawnie. He’s up at 4:30 every day; even days off!”

dook: a little brown floating friend; in other words, a turd.

dude: dude 

dudette: female dude.

el jefe: the boss; the big kahuna.

epic: beyond the usual, extraordinary; full-on.

full-on: all the way; totally. “My job stinks! It’s just a full-on stress factory!”

gel: to hang out; vegetate. “I’m just gonna gel at home tonight & check out 

the new Call Of Duty.”

gnarlbro: anyone who smokes. (Tito frowns on smoking - except for BBQ!)

gnarly: anything big or difficult.

graze or grind: to eat. “I gotta take a break. “I need to grind before I drop.”

grommets: kids; little surfers.

hairy: an on-the-edge situation that could turn very gnarly at any second.

hallo: hello; What’s up; How’z it?

hang loose: hang loose. nuff said!

hombre: see “dude.”

howzit?: a greeting as in ”How is it?”

irie: the state of Nirvana for the Rastifarian crew.

kicks: sneakers.

kleptobro: someone who steals your stuff all the time. 

kook: someone who is NOT down with the program. “Some kook just cut in line & bought the last movie tickets!”

mahalo: thank you.

malo or mal: something bad or lame.

max: maximum; full-on.

minors: something minor; not a big deal. “No worries on you being five minutes late, brah. It’s minors.”

no-can: unable to. “I’d like to lend you a fiver for some grind, bro. But no-can. I’m tapped.”

nor-cal: Northern California. 

ol ‘school: legendary to some... old to others.

ono: delicious (pronounced “oh-no”).

purplified: anyone who is so sunburned that they aren’t just pink, or even red, they are… purplefied; also known as “Burnt Reynolds.”

rad: radical.

rager: a wild party with good tunes & good times.

rip: surfing/skating/doing anything to the max of one’s abilities. 

session: any period of time spent skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, etc. “Dude, there was a rippin’ session goin’ down at Manasquan today!”

shred: see rip.

slippahs: flip-flops; sandals; slippers. (Tito encourages that slippahs always be worn when inside his restaurant… & the Health Dept.

so-cal: Southern California.

stink-eye: a hard, cold, menacing stare (Tito gives the stink-eye to the stink-eye. It gives off bad vibes). Also known as “Buffalo Eye.”

Tito’s is an MSG & PEANUT OIL FREE restaurant. Gluten Free & Vegan options always available - just ask! Tito loves being GREEN. Cups, utensils, to-go bags & take-out 

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