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“Tito-Speak” is a unique language that Tito himself has cultivated through his many travels & travails. It is an odd mishmash of words, largely consisting of the colloquialisms used by surfers, along with a bit of Spanish, & also the Hawaiian slang known as “Pidgin.” You may know many of these words & phrases, but you probably don’t know ‘em all, since Tito likes to make up words up as he goes along!

aloha: aloha. ‘nuff said!

amped: energized; excited; charged up. “It’s on!”

ate it: an especially gnarly wipeout. “Ouch! He really ate it on that run.”

bail: jump off your skate/surfboard; leave. “Dude, I’ve eaten my fill of tacos. Time to bail.”

Barney/Betty: a guy/a girl

beater: an old, well-used (loved) surf/skate/snow vehicle that barely passes inspection, but gets you to your destination every time.

bent: a poorly or badly executed (& often painful) ending to a great ride. “If you’re not careful, you’re gonna get really bent.”

blue bird: a day that is perfectly blue, not a cloud in the sky

bro: brother; buddy or friend, also known as brah, bruddah & for those who are really fluent Tito-Speakers, “braddah.”

bro down: a big dude-filled party. “That party night was a full-on bro down!”

brok da mout: broke the mouth; totally delicious. “Last night I had some fresh tuna that brok da mout!”

chillax: chill out; kick back; relax

corduroy: perfectly groomed snow or a well-organized surf swell

da kine: “the kind”; the ultimate; the best. “Hey brah, these fish tacos are da kine!”

dook: a little brown floating friend; in other words, a turd

dude: dude

dudette: female dude

el jefe: the boss; the big kahuna

epic: beyond the usual, extraordinary; full-on

full-on: all the way; totally. “My job stinks! It’s just a full-on stress factory!”

gel: to hang out; vegetate. “I’m just gonna gel at home tonight & check out the new Call Of Duty.”

gnarlbro: anyone who smokes. (Tito frowns on smoking - except for BBQ!)

gnarly: anything big or difficult

graze or grind: to eat. “I gotta take a break. “I need to grind before I drop.”

grommets: kids; little surfers

hairy: an on-the-edge situation that could turn very gnarly at any second

hallo: hello; What’s up; How’z it?

hang loose: hang loose. nuff said!

hombre: see “dude”

howzit?: a greeting as in ”How is it?”

irie: the state of Nirvana for the Rastifarian crew

kicks: sneakers

kleptobro: someone who steals your stuff all the time

kook: someone who is NOT down with the program. “Some kook just cut in line & bought the last movie tickets!”

mahalo: thank you

malo or mal: something bad or lame

max: maximum; full-on

minors: something minor; not a big deal. “No worries on you being five minutes late, brah. It’s minors.”

no-can: unable to. “I’d like to lend you a fiver for some grind, bro. But no-can. I’m tapped.”

nor-cal: Northern California

ol ‘school: legendary to some... old to others

ono: delicious (pronounced “oh-no”).

purplified: anyone who is so sunburned that they aren’t just pink, or even red, they are… purplefied; also known as “Burnt Reynolds.”

rad: radical

rager: a wild party with good tunes & good times

rip: surfing/skating/doing anything to the max of one’s abilities

session: any period of time spent skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, etc. “Dude, there was a rippin’ session goin’ down at Manasquan today!”

shred: see "rip"

slippahs: flip-flops; sandals; slippers. (Tito encourages that slippahs always be worn when inside his restaurant… & the Health Dept.

so-cal: Southern California

stink-eye: a hard, cold, menacing stare (Tito gives the stink-eye to the stink-eye. It gives off bad vibes). Also known as “Buffalo Eye.”